User Manual


Email, email, and email 🙂 Please don’t DM, call, or text as I rarely check them. Email, please.

Email is also my todo list. If we discuss something and want me to do it, please send me a reminder email.

If you don’t hear back from me within a few days, bump the email thread. I appreciate it a lot.

<aside> 📆 If we don’t set up a calendar invite, there is a good chance I forget about it.


All my DM notifications are off, but I still read them all with delay, and I try to respond. If you don’t know me, that is an ok way to reach out. If you are pitching, send me something to look at like a deck.

I practice double opt-in introductions unless it is an intro to someone truly amazing where the fit is perfect. Please do the same for me.

<aside> 🙃 I can be genuinely incompetent about trivial things. I am absent-minded.


When not in nature or business travels, you can find me in downtown Berlin or Amsterdam/Rotterdam.


I prefer emails to meetings unless for social meetups, meaningful networking, or actually doing business.


I'm yet a baby Angel; don't get your hopes high!

Please pitch me validated ideas. Send me a deck, a summary, or at least a paragraph first. I use these to make sure we are not wasting each other’s time.

I like weird ideas. Please feel free to forward me anything as long as the founders are competent.

I generally invest in SaaS. Here is my portfolio.

I do my best to provide at least candid feedback for every entrepreneur I meet. Sometimes, I just can't.

My favorite entrepreneurs love being told how their baby is ugly and hearing ideas to make it better. My least favorite take it personally.

I believe canned pitches don’t seem to work for me. Let's just have a conversation about your venture.

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